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Plastic surgery is making life difficult for the natural woman.  I am what you would call a natural woman.  I have not been surgically enhanced or altered in any way.  Most of my friends are the same.  We look nice, but we keep it 100%.  However, living in Los Angeles, we are surrounded by beautiful women, some naturally, others who have had a lot of help.  I often wonder if contentment with my God-given attributes leaves me ill-equipped to compete in this throw-some-Ds-on-it society.
     Take Chilli, of the popular group TLC.  She is one of few celebrities who appear to be natural.  Yet, her budding love affair with boxer, “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather, has been thwarted by his love and affection for model fiance, Shantel Jackson.  Although Chilli and Mayweather have been close friends for quite some time and seem to share a mutual attraction, Jackson is the one who has reportedly gotten the ring.  But, why? They are both beautiful in their own way.  Could the answer lie merely in their difference in cup size?
     Additionally, a younger relative of mine, who had not yet turned 18, expressed that she wanted a nose job.  I asked her why, and she pointed out minor imperfections, but nothing noticeable or visible, even to the “trained eye.”  I assured her that nothing was wrong with her nose, and that she is beautiful the way she is. But, I realized that lately I too had become increasingly critical of myself , and attributed these new feelings of inadequacy to over-exposure to music videos and reality television. I blame celebrities, since it is no secret (although they’d like it to be) that a vast majority of them have had some sort  of plastic surgery or operation to enhance or “preserve” their beauty. 
     As a result of this ‘nip and tuck’ mentality, I believe that young men today have unrealistic expectations of women and a false perception of reality.  I find myself constantly explaining that it is highly unlikely that a woman with double D breasts has a 24-inch waist, but they cry ‘hater’ in utter disbelief.  I am growing weary of educating my male relatives and friends about women they lust for who have had plastic surgery to enhance their appeal.  I know they’d like to believe that these women were born “perfect,” but I feel it is my duty to let them know they were not, no matter how devastating this may be. 
     No one is perfect. However, with plastic surgery becoming more and more affordable, it will be interesting to see the “face” of America 20 or even 50 years from now.   With growing access to media, and countless images of perfect bodies, perfect hair and perfect skin all around us, sadly I believe the natural woman will become obsolete.  Her slight imperfections will become the bane of her existence,  and a cross to bear. 
     How does a mother convince her daughter that she is beautiful just the way she is when she is constantly bombarded with images of the Kim Kardashians and the Beyonces of the world who are so perfectly plastic? Don’t get me wrong, self improvement is welcomed and even encouraged. A weave here or a wonderbra there, is harmless. However, when women are willing to risk their lives in order to attain “perfection,” this should definitely be a cause for concern.


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