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     How does a drama queen with an eye for fashion, a knack for writing, the gift of gab and enough curiosity to kill 10 cats, settle on one career?

     Well, the madness began when I was 7, when I decided I wanted to be a lawyer.   At the time, I had no idea what being a lawyer actually entailed.  My aspirations to be an attorney were based upon generalizations that I had heard around the way. My understanding was that lawyers talked A LOT (Not a problem, based on the good grades on my report card followed by poor behavioral marks due to the fact that I was “constantly chattering” ), that they engaged in debate frequently (also not a problem, considering that I was able to convince my older brothers that I was right, even when I knew I was wrong), and that they made lots of money (when would this ever be a problem?). I was also aware of the not-so-positive stereotypes about lawyers which painted them as deceitful, immoral ambulance chasers, unconcerned with truly obtaining “justice for all.” However, after hearing the characteristics I mentioned before, specifically that lawyers talked A LOT, I knew this was the career for me.

     By age 27, I had an exhorbent number of careers to choose from (or so I thought). I was blessed with so many talents that now, it was almost impossible for me to choose a career I’d be content with for the rest of my life. My first mistake was majoring in Communication. Job possibilities are endless for Communication majors. Later, I decided to add an emphasis in public relations to focus my efforts. Unfortunately, this did not help.

     To date, I have considered at least 20 different careers, including but not limited to, broadcast journalism, sports PR, attorney, sports management, actress, model, fashion editor, writer, stylist, entrepreneur, therapist/psychologist, wedding planner, sports agent, politician, lobbyist…and so on. Having pursued so many different career paths, I have acquired a wide variety of knowledge and skills that I hope will one day lead me to discovering my dream job. But, until then, I will continue taking Myers-Briggs personality tests, discussing careers with others, and praying for direction.

Besides blogging seems to be a good fit for now…



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