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     Lately, the media has had nothing nice to say about this self-proclaimed “good girl gone bad.”  Rihanna has been criticized for everything – from her insatiable appetite for men to her all-too-revealing, soft porn music videos.  But one thing they cannot denounce is her impeccable sense of style.  True, every now and then, she may sing off key or bungle a few dance moves, but she ALWAYS looks fierce doing it.   The modern Madonna oozes sexuality in bedazzled leotards and fishnet stockings, and rules the red carpet in stunning gowns fit to perfection. 
     A style icon takes risks, and nails it 99% of the time; sets trends instead of following them; and always finds new and inventive ways to wow us. Here’s why Rihanna’s style rocks:
Mane Game
     Rihanna makes bold statements with her hair.  She has fun with it and is fortunate to be able to wear it long or short.  When she first debuted her electric-red Sideshow Bob ‘do, I was floored – but in a good way. I couldn’t imagine anyone else on this earth who could have pulled that off without looking a hot mess, but Rih Rih did it.  Rihanna’s short cuts have even led me to contemplate cutting my hair, which is something I thought I’d never do.  So, for this reason alone, she has earned my utmost respect.
Closet Envy
     I realize that Rihanna’s style is not pleasing to everyone. For some, her clothes are too revealing, for others, they’re too dark.  To me, her clothes are perfect. They always fit as if they were made especially for her.   Her attire is always appropriate for the occassion and also appears to be comfortable, and effortlessly sexy. 
Overall Look
     Rihanna is usually well put together.  Her make-up is typically flawless and reveals her natural beauty without overdoing it.  She has never been the subject of  a Joan Rivers rant, and has been named best dressed by People magazine. She continuously tops the lists of best dressed celebs at award shows and events, and always keeps us guessing.


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