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Cars That Inspire…

I’m not a groupie, nor will I ever be, but there are five cars on the market, or set to make an appearance in the near future, that could inspire a “groupie moment.” A groupie moment is defined as, instantaneous infatuation with a material possession of another, without regard for that person’s (male/female) character, physical appearance or swag

#1 The Bentley of all Bentleys

The 2010 Continental Supersports is not only sexy and sleek, especially in white, it is also relatively eco-friendly.  Granted, it may not beat the Prius in a contest comparing miles-per-gallon, but it certainly beats the Octagon-shaped green machine in every other category.  Even though it isn’t the most current model by Supersports, it is definitely one of the hottest.

 #2 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Due to motion sickness, I often steer clear of lowriders such as these, but if given the opportunity to take a ride in this beauty, I’d definitely have to make an exception.  Aesthetically, its design is reminscent of a time capsule (if there was a such thing), yet the red interior compliments the dark grey exterior beautifully and adds finesse to these wheels with a futuristic feel.

#3 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-cell

If you don’t know, now you know – women love color.  The spike in colorful gadgets and toys available to us isn’t a fluke.  That’s why the color of this car alone is guaranteed to attract attention from the opposite sex.  Oh yeah and the fact that it’s a Merecedes with gull-wing doors adds a little something to its appeal I suppose.

#4 Aston Martin One-77

In this instance, the name of this car does not speak for itself.  If I saw this silver bullet on the street, I would not know that it was an Aston Martin (a true groupie would).  But, regardless of its brand, this car evokes a feeling of mystery and unbridled class.  It’s quite impressive, almost surreal. 

 #5 Koenigsegg Agera

I can’t even  pronounce the name of this 910 horsepower boasting, V8 engine having Swedish monster on wheels, but that’s ok because what is most intriguing about this car (don’t laugh) is the placement of its wipers down the middle of the windshield.  That, and the detail around the lights and on its hood make this car uber unique and lustworthy.


3 thoughts on “Cars That Inspire…

  1. Impressed with the selection. Mercy.

    Posted by Isom Kuade | August 17, 2012, 8:52 AM


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