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Why You’re Not Married: The Truth Hurts

     In support of an article called, “Why You’re Not Married,” conveniently written the day before Valentine’s Day, I wanted to add another reason why many women are not married to this already scrupulous article.  The seventh reason why a lot of women are single is because they don’t listen! Here, the author, Tracy McMillan, is trying to give us the benefit of her experience – she never claimed to offer anything more – and all these women could do was attack her personally, question her motives and write her advice off as mindless drivel. 

     I wholeheartedly agreed with McMillan’s article.  It only reiterated what countless self-help books, psychologists, men, women, Cosmo articles, movies and the like have been saying for years, but they just don’t listen! They don’t listen to the men who tell them in the very beginning that they don’t ever want t0 get married. They don’t listen to their gut when it tells them he’s cheating, and they refuse to listen to their relatives and friends, who can sometimes see what they cannot, when they tell them they don’t care for the guy they’re dating.

     Jessica Ravitz who, in article written for CNN, goes on and on about why she’s actually still single, is a prime of example of a woman who took McMillan’s article completely out of context and missed the point of the article altogether.  I am positive that McMillan was not stating that every single woman is single for one of, or all of the six reasons listed in her article.  She is not omnipotent.  Furthermore, if you have been engaged before (which Ravitz claims to have been), then obviously she was not talking to YOU.  I believe McMillan’s article speaks to women who have been unlucky in love.  They are actively seeking a man who will put a ring on it and have been unsuccessful.  Ravitz’s article is long-winded and irrelevant. It seems as though McMillan’s article struck a cord with Ravitz, leaving her friends and counterparts wondering why she is 41 and still single, thereby requiring her to publicly explain. 

     I sincerely believe that McMillan’s article has the propensity to help women who are desperately seeking a life partner and don’t understand what they’re doing wrong, unlike Ravitz’s article life story laced with hypotheticals about why she’s not married—


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