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Spring 2011’s Sexiest Trends

In this economy, shopping may not induce the same high it did when you could actually go on a moderate spending spree and still have money left over to beef up your savings.  These days, overspending could leave you feeling guilty, or even stranded because you didn’t set enough money aside for gas.  Being sympathetic to your situation (and mine), I have limited my sexy picks for spring to items available at stores and boutiques that carry trendy, yet affordable clothing to show that seasonally updating your wardrobe doesn’t have to be costly.  

     My fab five picks for spring can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks for a number of occasions with the help of already existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Romantic blouses

Blouses with peek-a-boo backs are the sexiest tops I’ve seen so far this season.  They expose just enough of the lower back and provide maximum coverage up top, allowing women who MUST wear a bra to do so comfortably and still show a little skin. These are adorable paired with jeans for a casual date or a skirt for a hot one!

Short shorts

Mini shorts [aka Daisy Dukes or booty shorts] are making a comeback in all fabrics, from leather to denim to tweed.  High-waisted or hemmed, cuffed or suspended, please proceed with caution…these weren’t made for everyone. If your legs are your best asset, load up on these for spring for clubbing, dates and beach excursions.

Maxi skirts and dresses

Long skirts are also a hot item this season.  The floral patterns I’ve seen don’t really suit my style, but I would definitely rock the jersey knit skirts in solid colors or striped patterns. Another trend you’ll be seeing this spring is tribal prints, so you certainly can’t go wrong with this dress combining 2 trends in 1.

Asymmetrical cuts

When it comes to dresses, this style can be hit or miss.  At times, it can look as though you put your head through a hole where your arm should be, which can be quite unflattering. However, with jackets and tops, you can’t go wrong. They are perfect for adding edge and style to dull and lifeless ensembles. 

Rompers and Jumpsuits

It looks like rompers and jumpsuits are here to stay! This trend has withstood the test of time with only slight modifications to its original design.  We love rompers because they flatter most figures if worn properly (cut and fit depending on body type) and come in a variety of different styles suitable for every occasion.  Also, in keeping with my ‘being-broke-is-not-the-business’ campaign, these onesies are great for girls on a budget; you end up spending a lot less than you would if you bought separates.



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