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Male Fashion Flops


Although men have very limited options, some still manage to make poor choices when it comes to clothing.  While women don’t necessarily want a man who is consumed with being fashion forward, they do want a man who takes pride in his appearance and dresses age-appropriate.

Men, here are some FFs (Fashion Flops) to avoid: 

FF #1  Skinny Jeans

If you possess a pair of skinny jeans, first, ask yourself why.  Then, walk to your closet, take them out and burn them!  These jeans were never intended for men.  There’s nothing skinny jeans show that a woman wants to see upon first meeting you.  It’s a wonder they are popularly worn by skateboarders since the sport requires so much movement and skinny jeans are quite constricting.  

Unfortunately, celebs like Russell Brand and Lil Wayne – notorious for rocking these tights on a daily – set a poor example for men of all ages, and the ladies who love them give men a false perception of what women find appealing.

FF #2  Long Suit Jackets

The biggest perpetuator of this FF appears to be Steve Harvey; the designer, Stacy Adams. This style of suit, reminiscent of the zoot suit from the 1940s, is sloppy and outdated. It makes short men appear even shorter and takes away from the tailored and composed look typically associated with men in suits.  

 FF #3  Short Shirts

A nice button-down shirt is always the way to go when stepping out for a night on the town.  However, it is extremely important to make sure your shirt is the right size.  Men who are big and/or tall should shop at stores specifically for big and/or tall men.  Don’t you think it’s foolish for a woman to buy a size 7 shoe when she knows she wears a size 8?  Well, it’s the same concept here.  Don’t buy a shirt that doesn’t fit just because you really like it but they don’t have your size, or because you want to convince yourself that you wear a smaller size than you actually do.  If you are uncertain about the size, with the shirt on, raise your arms.  If your belly shows, your shirt is too short.  Just to be on the safe side, if you are 6’2 or taller, you should only purchase tall sizes.  Stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s have Big & Tall Departments, and some designers carry big & tall sizes exclusively online. 

FF #4  Pants Worn too High/Sagging

Pants that hang “grown-man low” are not sexy, even if Beyonce says they are.  Pants should be worn at waist level – not chest level or thigh level – and should sit on the hips. If you are still not sure if your pants are too high or too low, the crotch of your pants can help you find that happy medium.  If pants are snug in the crotch area, they are too high.  If the top of your back pockets start  below the buttocks, or your underwear are showing, your pants are too low.       

FF #5  Jerseys

Most clubs don’t even allow admittance to men wearing jerseys (thank goodness), so if for no other reason, avoid wearing them so you have a better chance of getting in.

FF #6  White Tees

Since when does a white t-shirt (even if it is crisp) or tank and jeans constitute an outfit worthy of the L.A. club scene? Plain white t-shirts and tank tops are, and always have been classified as underwear, meaning they are to be worn “under” your clothing. Furthermore, adding a big, long chain with diamonds – real or fake – does nothing for this already thoughtless and uninspired ensemble. The same goes for t-shirts promoting a particular designer or brand, like those sold by Sean John and Ed Hardy. Not only are these shirts overpriced, but with their large letters and bright colors, distracting and juvenile. 

I could go on…and I will at a later date, but I’ll let you marinate on these for while.

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2 thoughts on “Male Fashion Flops

  1. I agree with the assessment, but sorry your clueless on the Jeans and T shirt look. That is a staple in the closet that should never go away. Jeans in a T shirt for everyday wear is fine, but work, going out with your spouse or family dinners one should always wear more suitable clothing for those occasions.

    Posted by Patrick | December 29, 2011, 8:54 AM


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