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Girls on Girls


     I know most of you think females love to hate on other females, but this is simply not true. Sometimes, we just really don’t understand what men see in them.  For instance, I have no idea why people (men and women) make such a big fuss over celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz or even Eva Longoria . I mean, they’re cute and all, but nothing to write home about. 

     Besides, every woman wants her man to feel like she is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.  And, this may be the case.  But, we can acknowledge and accept the fact that there are tons of other beautiful women in the world.  So, to prove that women do not hate on other women just for the sake of hating – and for your enjoyment – I have compiled a list of women that are understandably coveted, meaning, we see the appeal.  Or, at least I do.

Meagan Good

Now, if we were talking about Eve’s Bayou (1997 drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and Lynn Whitfield) Meagan Good, I might have begged to differ.  Nevertheless, she has grown to be uniquely stunning. Her looks are anything but conventional, and that’s why she makes the cut.




Christina Milian

This just goes to show that some men are never satisfied.  Outside of her appearance, I don’t know what else Ms. Milian had to offer her strange and allegedly effeminate ex-husband, The Dream (Terius Youngdell), but he did himself a disservice by cheating.  Maybe he wanted to remind us that looks aren’t everything.  Well, Terius, we were reminded of that when we found out Christina was engaged to YOU. Lots of luck!



Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett is a classic beauty, but still appears to be very down-to-earth.  She’s got curves, and these days, that seems to be what the average Joe wants.  Sean Penn must feel like the luckiest man in the world, and if he doesn’t, he certainly should, as he is also *rumored to have bedded fellow lister, Jessica White (bottom)). 




Megan Fox

I’m just glad there’s finally a brunnette that men are ogling.  After years of seeing mostly blonde-haired Barbie types hailed as the epitome of beauty, it was refreshing to see Megan steal the spotlight.  She also seems to be one of those girls who is drop-dead gorgeous, but doesn’t know it, or think so herself.  With women, modesty only adds to her appeal.  This one’s kind of a no-brainer.






Kim Kardashian

Yeah, yeah, so even though she’s had a little “work” done, I still think that, without “work,” she’d be a beautiful girl.  Sure, she’s not a triple threat like some others, but she’s got the ‘eye candy’ game on lock [no homo (do women have to say this too?)]. 







Sofia Vergara

Aside from her heaving bosom, I can see why men go crazy for Miss Sofia.  The “Modern Family” star is exotic, with a bubbly personality, and a raspy Colombian accent to top it all off.  See…I have no problem giving credit where credit is due.







Jessica White

This chocolate beauty has taken the modeling world by storm, landing major campaigns with CoverGirl, Maybelline and Gap.  She’s got a body that any woman would kill for and the face to go along with it.  JWhite has *also been linked romantically to NFL bad-boy, Terrell Owens.  I guess he’s smarter than he appears to be.




WARNING:  If your girl disagrees with ANY of these picks, she is definitely HATING!

But, give her a break.  You’d be hating too if she was always mentioning how sexy Trey Songz’s smile is, or how defined David Beckham’s abs are, or…ok, I’ll stop.




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