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Reasons your resume got trashed

     Have you been diligently applying for jobs, but have yet to land any interviews?  Having worked at a large company in a role where I was exposed to hundreds of resumes, I think I may know why your resume has been consistently overlooked. 

     Since your resume is the first thing employers see, it is imperative that it be flawless and representative of you, your skills and qualifications.  You want your resume to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons.  If you make sure your resume is free of the following, your chances of getting a call back will increase exponentially.  


#1  Names

I know it’s your name, and you love it, but it’s killing your chances of landing a decent job.  For example, I once ran across a resume and the candidate’s name was Chateaubriand (for those of you who don’t know, this is a cut of meat).  Sorry Chateau if you’re reading this, but names like this are resume killers.  If at all possible, and if it’s “normal,” use your middle name.  It is also not unheard for people with long complicated ghetto names, to shorten or change their name altogether on their resume.  It can’t hurt.

#2  Typos

If you can’t at least make sure your resume is free of grammatical and spelling errors, then why would your potential employer believe that you are competent enough to perform at the level necessary to excel in any position?  Have someone else proofread your resume before distributing it. 

#3  Commensurate experience

So, you were placed in charge of fries at McDonalds a year ago, and you think you “have what it takes” to land a manager-level position at Microsoft.  I know God is good, but stop applying for jobs that are completely out of reach, and those for which you do not have the requisite knowledge and experience, and praying that you get them.  You won’t! Be realistic and make sure that the level of experience you possess is greater than or equal to the experience called for in the job description.  

#4  Geographic location

If you live a great distance from the job you are applying for, employers will be less likely to hire you.  For instance, if you are applying for jobs out of state, it would behoove you to find someone who is local and list their address on your resume rather than your own.  This is not deceitful, it’s smart.

#5  Inappropriate email addresses

If you’re not sure whether your email address is appropriate, it probably isn’t. Addresses such as and are unacceptable.  It’s so easy to create an email account these days, so I highly suggest you do so, using your name (unless your name is problematic, see #1) or some variation of it.



3 thoughts on “Reasons your resume got trashed

  1. With number 3 goes ‘over qualified’ at least for me Grrr (angry face)…I couldn’t careless that I have a degree… When I need a job I need a job and I can ring up peoples purchases with the best of them however I HAVE been told before flat out that people don’t want to hire me as they don’t want this to just be a temporary job for me… or something similar! Maybe it’s just an excuse though and they didn’t like me… :-/

    Posted by lolosofocused | April 16, 2012, 11:31 PM
    • I think hiring manager’s lose by assuming that because you are over qualified for a position it will only be temporary or even that there isn’t some benefit to having a brilliant person performing a job that is not challenging. My boss, an attorney, for instance hired me as a receptionist while I was in law school. Well, I ended up having to take time off from law school and have now been working for almost 3 years. It’s a win-win. I needed a job and he got much more than just a receptionist by hiring me. They need to recognize!

      Posted by 30thoughts | April 17, 2012, 12:30 AM
    • Focussed, that job isn’t for you and I don’t pretend to know your situation but allow me. That was the employee trap. Making a career at a cash register? Seriously. They want people like that to stay under the employee mindset and that’s why they probably didn’t want to hire you because you know your own potential and won’t be raped for too long. Do you know how many people with great talent are trapped into that mindset and can’t leave because they got comfortable and put their dreams on hold or in a coffin? I had that problem when I wanted time to study and it was affecting their way of business so I left and now I have a degree and the same employees I left there were still getting paid the same rate some 10 years after until they shut down. They need people who are loyal to THEIR cause not the establishment.

      Posted by petersburgh | July 11, 2012, 3:19 PM

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