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Michelle O. and the politics of fashion


Usually I don’t give credence to blatant foolishness, but this celebration of Michelle O. was prompted by an older gentleman who refuses to acknowledge the intelligence, acumen and distinguishability (other than the fact that they are Black) of our current President and First Lady.  His most recent statement, which elicited a side-eye from yours truly was, “[Michelle Obama] has got to be the FRUMPIEST first lady ever.”  

     After I stopped picturing him in a white cloak and hood, I simply stated that I strongly disagree and think [Michelle Obama] is actually quite the fashionista.  After all, I don’t believe the workplace is the proper environment to discuss politics or religion, seeing as how such a conversation could quickly go south and result in someone (probably me) going postal.  

     Furthermore, because I have already concluded that this man is in fact racist, based on preceding racially-charged comments made about me, President Obama, and others, I usually dismiss lame remarks like this, as ignorance.  But this time, I had to share his insolence with a friend.  My friend quickly brought up Barbara Bush and suggested I challenge his statement by mentioning the former first grandlady. However, I resisted the urge to do so.  Why waste my time?  His statement was contrary to what the public (and anyone not living under a rock), at large, thinks of Mrs. Obama’s overall sense of style.  And if we were to compare former first ladies with the incomparable Mrs. O, would anyone really agree that Nancy Reagan was killing the fashion scene back in her day, or that Hillary Rodham Clinton, who stayed flossing pantsuits and a boring bob, was en vogue during her husband’s presidency?


     If what he says is true, it would follow that Barbara Bush (the woman on the right) was considered less frumpy than Michelle Obama.  Really? Even if Barbara Bush is more his color flavor, as far as looks are concerned, frumpiness is a word often used to describe one’s sense of style, and the difference in how these two women  are perceived publicly CLEARLY indicates his choice of words was unfounded. 

     If anything, Michelle has been dubbed the “raciest” first lady in history because of the vibrant colors and patterns she chooses, coupled with the fact that she shows off her banging arms and legs from time to time because she CAN.  No first lady, since Jackie O., has garnered as much attention as Michelle O. has for her fashion sense, evidenced by the fact that she has consistently topped numerous “best dressed” lists (People, Vanity Fair, Vogue and French Elle, to name a few) since 2008.  Could ALL of these highly reputable sources be wrong? I seriously doubt it.

     So, although our beautiful and graceful first lady was not present to defend herself this day, she should know that there are “soldiers” in the trenches tirelessly fighting to defend her honor each and every day. 

Check out some of Mrs. Obama’s winning looks…

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