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She’s Just Not That Into You

How do you know?  Well, much like the book and 2009 film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” directed at women, the signs are very obvious and seemingly no-brainers, but just like some women don’t get it, some men don’t get it either.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but truthfully, the signs for women aren’t much different from the signs for men.  So, here we go…

#1 She doesn’t return calls/texts promptly.

Yeah, I know, you thought she was playing hard to get.  But, women don’t really do this anymore.  It’s a lost art, unfortunately.  So, if she typically (I say “typically” because we all get busy sometimes, so there may be occasions when she simply can’t respond) does not respond to your texts or calls within the hour, she ain’t thinking about you.

#2  She’s not affectionate.

Most women try, but do not adhere to the “RULES” of dating, especially those that state she should not kiss you on the first date, or you all should wait 3 months before doing the do [the rules about allowing the man to pay for dinner though, we’re able to adhere to for some reason].  If a woman meets you and is FEELING you, all those rules go out the door, lucky for you.  So, if she doesn’t want you to touch her or doesn’t herself initiate hugs or kisses after 2 or 3 dates, she’s either frigid (in which case you probably wouldn’t want her anyway) or she’s not really feeling you.

#3 She doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

He made a funny

When we like a guy, EVERYTHING he says is hilarious.  Even when you slip in a joke that’s not all that funny, we will laugh, smile or actually state that “you’re hilarious” because we’re smitten.  If she often gives you the straight face or there are usually awkward silences after you deliver a punchline, she’s not that into you.

#4  She’s always too busy.

Even Oprah finds time for Stedman, and Beyonce for Jay-Z.  These have got to be two of the hardest working women in the business.  If they can find time to date and maintain a relationship, so can she.  If she always says she’s too busy, she’s just too busy for YOU.  Moral of the story: People make time for the things and the people they feel are important. Period.

#5  She has never cooked for you.

Even a woman that CAN’T cook will whip up some poor excuse for a meal if she digs you.  It may taste like she literally put her foot in it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

#6  She doesn’t snoop/get jealous.

I’m not a jealous person, but when a guy I like “appreciates” another woman’s “assets,” it bothers me just a tad.  Not enough to send me on a tirade, and not even enough for me to say something about it, but he will know that it bothered me.  Jealousy, in turn, leads to snooping.  Some of you may not even be aware that the girl you’ve been seeing is snooping, but if she’s into you, she probably is in some form or fashion.  But, don’t worry, it’s completely harmless…unless you’re up to no good.

#7 [Bonus clue] She doesn’t try to impress you.

If she’s not putting her best foot forward (dressing up, wearing make-up/perfume), stop wasting your money and your time courting this young lady.  She’s saving all her “good outfits” for someone else.

There are many other signs, but I believe these to be the most concrete.  You can thank me later.



2 thoughts on “She’s Just Not That Into You

  1. ‘It may taste like she literally put her foot in it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?” OMG! HAHAHAHA- Good one!
    But it’s so true… when I first started cooking for ‘enjoyment’ -this doesn’t include my mother forcing me to learn to cook- it was for a guy I was dating. {the one that wanted to settle down and I didn’t- sigh I’m still a little pissed at myself about that one… anyway} the things I knew how to cook were good… the things I didn’t? Not so much! I believe I almost poisoned him at some point! But the thought was there and the effort showed him how much he meant to me…

    The most recent guys? Please, I don’t think they even know that I knew what a kitchen looked like!

    Posted by lolosofocused | April 16, 2012, 11:11 PM

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