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Why VH-1’s “Single Ladies” Wins

Tuesday, I finally watched an episode of VH-1’s new dramedy “Single Ladies.”  I had already heard mixed reviews, and since most of those reviews were bad, I treated viewing it the way men treat the idea of marriage – if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

But, Tuesday, I happened to be home and I was told that it was on, so I tuned in.  All the reviews I had heard were pretty accurate.  The acting is sub-par, the writing stinks, Lisa Raye looks old and her weave is bad, and Stacey Dash still looks amazing! 

Despite the fact that “Single Ladies” lacks the key elements of a show deserving of “Best” awards or other accolades, I believe the show will still be a success.  Here’s why:

#1  Stacey Dash

Ever since I can remember, Dash (Val, on the show)has been the object of many men’s (and some women’s) desires.  Her age-defying beauty, accentuated by clear green eyes and a voice that is soft, feminine and inherently flirtatious always leaves men wanting more, and now she’s back (do you sense my enthusiasm?). I would venture to say SHE is the reason 90% of the men who watch this show, watch this show.  Any man who says she’s not the reason, is probably checking for her gay assistant, Omar.  And, I can’t say I blame them…he is foine!

 #2 It’s a scripted Black show

We don’t have many of these, so when there is one, Black folks support them even if they suck (see Tyler Perry films).  I must admit, I do favor shows with diverse casts because they are more “visually” representative of the world around me.  It makes me feel…I don’t know, relevant.  Anyway, this show will do until The Game returns.

#3  The men

What a yummy display of all the tall, handsome, bodied men that Hollywood has to offer.  I’m NOT mad, even though most of their characters are seriously flawed, which in turn, ruins the fantasy of it all (see guy who doesn’t explore “nether regions” and guy who toots it and boots it).

#4  It’s about Single life

ALL shows about single life tend to do well.  Think about it…Girlfriends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City, Two and a Half Men, etc.  Most people can relate to shows about relationships and being single because everyone has been single at some point in their life, and the majority of the population is single right now.  Unfortunately, shows about married life don’t fare too well unless they’re comedies because, like Chris Rock said, marriage, especially a good marriage, is BORING!

#5  The saga continues

The topics addressed (i.e. Keisha being solicited for sex by Rick Fox) are interesting enough for people to want to discuss them the next day.  This is why people were so addicted to soap operas – some still are. It’s like watching the life of a close friend, knowing ALL her business, and being able to tell any and everyone about it!  Gossip is a helluva drug.



One thought on “Why VH-1’s “Single Ladies” Wins

  1. Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

    Posted by Melaleuca | July 9, 2011, 4:28 PM

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