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Girls on Girls: Round 2

Some have “it,” and some don’t.  Some celebs just stumble into some good lighting from time to time, and create a stir, others are truly worthy of the praise.  So, in keeping with my goal of destroying the myth that all women are haters when it comes to acknowledging another woman’s beauty, I have another bunch of celebrity ladies to which I would like to pay homage for making this world a better-looking place. 

Zoe Saldaña

Not only is Saldaña beautiful, with a mean lean frame to match, but she’s actually a good actress. She has shown her range and versatility as a thespian, starring in the sci-fi fantasy film “Avatar,” while also showing her softer side as a whimsical girly girl in the romantic comedy about interracial dating, “Guess Who?”  I’m certain men thank her Dominican dad and Puerto Rican mom every day for the gift that is Zoe.

Jessica Biel

Only Justin can confirm whether or not her bum is real or if she’s getting some help from butt- boosting products, but I believe this is a large part of Jessica’s appeal.  Also, she appears to be a natural beauty meaning if she took off all her make-up, she wouldn’t look much different.

Laila Ali

When many men claim, “she could get it,” I instantly add, “of course she could because there aren’t many women that couldn’t.” But, I completely understand why the daughter of boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, and former boxer herself, is so highly regarded by men across America.  At 5’10, 160 pounds, Laila is definitely what Rick James would call a ‘brick house.’

Freida Pinto

This Indian actress is best known for her role as Latika in the popular 2008 film “Slumdog Millionaire.”  She’s never really bared it all, but maybe, for men, that’s part of the intrigue.  Besides, with a face like hers, a bangin’ body would simply be icing on the cake.

Mila Kunis 

Since her long stint on the popular TV sitcom, “That ’70s Show,” Kunis has been recognized as a modest beauty. However, her recent film, “Black Swan,” catapulted her into the upper eschelon of Hollywood bombshells.  Many men, I’m sure, were more than happy to hear of her recent split with not-so-hot long-time boyfriend and child star, Macaulay Culkin.  I know I was, based on sheer principle.

Lauren London

If not for her good looks and dimples to die for, I’m sure we would not otherwise know much about London.  By signing on as baby mama #4 and adding 1 to Lil Wayne’s tribe of children, London may have lost some of her appeal.  But some fellas are still proud London lovers and, well,  I can’t say that I blame them.



One thought on “Girls on Girls: Round 2

  1. I co-sign…

    Posted by Jodie R. Mack | July 9, 2011, 2:55 AM

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