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Money Can Buy You Love?

          It’s funny how our thoughts and opinions on certain matters change with time.  Back in the 90s, we listened to Mr. Sensitivity himself, Ralph Tresvant, with his pre-pubescent voice, whine about how “money can’t buy you love” (or happiness for that matter).

Back then, when posters of him occupied an entire wall in my room, and gumbies and Girbaud jeans were all the rage, I believed this was true.  But, until yesterday, I didn’t realize that my beliefs regarding that statement had changed.  My friend had been asked, if she had the choice, whether she’d choose money or love.  She said she’d choose money. I was shocked because I suppose we all expect most people to say they would choose love (it just sounds like the right thing to say).  But, after she explained why she would choose money, I actually decided that, right now, I’d choose money too.

     I realize that the answer to this question is relative, and depends on what it is you long for most, at that particular time.  She and I have been in love before, and surely, we’ll experience love again, but neither one of us has an abundance of money, which explains why, at this point in our lives, we would both choose money over love.  She further explained why she would choose money, stating that money can buy love.  Again, I was floored!  I had never heard anyone utter these words. It went against the “fairytale” and everything I had been taught about love and relationships up until now, yet by the end of our conversation, I agreed with that statement, as well!

This HAS to be what happened here - Sheree from RHoA and her ex-husband, former Atlanta Falcons player, Bob Whitfield

     Money can buy love in the sense that, money can attract people to you that would not have otherwise given you the time of day.  For most men and women (not myself), if you’re a 4, having fame or fortune can instantly make you a 6 or 7.  Once they’ve been lured in, and get to know you in all your splendor, if you’re remotely intelligent with a great personality, they will probably fall for you.  That person may love you for you NOW, it’s just that the initial attraction was your pocketbook.  

     For example, on sheer principle, Donald Trump should be LOSING  with the ladies.  His chapped lips, sparse red hair and bad attitude should have rendered him undateable or left him with only 3s and 4s to choose from, but because he’s loaded, he’s enjoyed 9s and 10s most of his life.

Reproducing at his age is just selfish

      Since neither one of us (me and my friend) is too shabby in the looks, personality or intelligence department, we have no doubt that it’s just a matter of time before we find love again, but money, we cannot speak about with the same amount of certainty.

     I’m not saying that money can make someone love you.  However, money can buy you a shot at love, and open doors that would have otherwise been closed.  But once you get in the door, the rest is up to you.  

     So, why do we knock women who only date men with money like it’s a bad thing? Some guys only date women who have a big butt and a nice smile, but at the end of the day, love is love. If after he managed to stop drooling over her genetically-engineered booty, and she eventually got over the thrill of riding in his Ducati, he or she fell in love with the person, who are we to say that it isn’t true love?

     People automatically assume that an attractive person will find love, so I think it is safe to assume the same about people who have money, which proves to some extent, that money CAN buy you love.



2 thoughts on “Money Can Buy You Love?

  1. I think the answer to this questions depends on what we’re going through at the moment sure we ALL want love but Blah- nothing’s wrong with adding a little financial security to the mix…

    I’ve BEEN the ‘Ride or die’ chick who sticks with you and behind you no matter what… (I’m talking about Jail visits and everything here- NEVER AGAIN!)… But right now as I’m a little “What’s love got to do with it?” and “What’s love done for me lately?” I’d rather go into a situation knowing that if I come out of the other side with a broken heart, at least I’ll have the pleasure of crying in the Ferrari he bought me and not having to schlep myself to the next bus or train on foot.

    Posted by lolosofocused | April 16, 2012, 11:22 PM
    • “I’d rather go into a situation knowing that if I come out of the other side with a broken heart, at least I’ll have the pleasure of crying in the Ferrari he bought me and not having to schlep myself to the next bus or train on foot.”

      LOL. I still do date to find love and don’t restrict myself to only dating guys with money, but I won’t knock anyone else for doing it. To me, it has a ‘what can this relationship do for me’ type connotation, when I feel in order to find true love, you have to go in it being more willing to give than to receive.

      Posted by 30thoughts | April 17, 2012, 12:37 AM

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