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Dateable or Mateable?

I played along as I listened to Ryan Seacrest and the KIIS FM morning show play dateable or mateable.  The hosts basically thought of different celebrities and discussed whether they considered them dateable or mateable.  Being the deep thinker that I am, I noticed a few things:

1) For both men and women, if the person was very sexy (or had oversexualized body parts), they were considered dateable, not mateable. Some women mentioned that fall into this category were Nicki Minaj and Sofia Vergara. Men that fell into this category were The Rock and Jared Leto.

The Rock is not really my type, but I can appreciate a nice physique when I see one

2) The women that were considered mateable were more conservative in their dress and gave off a girl-next-door vibe.  One mentioned was Taylor Swift.

3)  Men and women who are already married or engaged were seen as mateable, although I strongly believe if they were not already attached, they would only be considered dateable – at least in my book.  They were Kim Kardashian and David Beckham.

Maybe Lady Gaga BEFORE she was Lady Gaga was dateable, but now...not so much

Side Note: I thought it was pretty hilarious that Lady Gaga was determined to be neither.  But, for some reason, this didn’t surprise me.

How do men determine whether a woman is dateable or mateable?  Can a man tell immediately which category a woman will fall into upon first meeting her? Can a woman go from being dateable to mateable? If so, how?  I know that a woman that’s mateable to one man, may not even be dateable to another, but humor me!

Women look at a host of things when considering whether a man is “the marrying type.”  To me, a guy that is simply dateable doesn’t appear to possess qualities you could deal with long-term. He is typically fun, but immature and is unstable by nature.  Some aspects of his personality are annoying and he, himself, exhibits signs that he is non-commital or he flat-out says things like “I don’t believe in marriage or monogamy.”  The relationship has no depth, and he is more concerned with video games, Air Jordans and strip clubs rather than more important aspects of life such as family, spirituality, self-improvement and good health.

A man that is mateable appears responsible. He’s intelligent and usually family-oriented.  Looks have some bearing on whether we will ultimately decide to marry this man, but they probably don’t matter as much as with men.  The marrying type is also protective and seems like he would be able to provide emotionally and financially for you and your future children (if applicable).  Ladies, did I miss anything?  What do you think makes a man mateable vs. dateable?

Here’s my own personal slideshow of dateables and mateables. Enjoy!!

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