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Boot Legged

I’m a total California girl, but I do love a nice boot.  There is a boot to fit EVERY occasion, and you just can’t say that about all shoes.  There’s no heel/pump that would be suitable to wear to the park, and there are no sneakers women could justify wearing to the club. So, while perusing my favorite sites, I decided to do a quick pick of must-haves for the fall and winter seasons, and show you a little bit of my fashion personality.

Steve Madden ‘Neley’ $130 


CAUTION:  This is an extremely sexy boot.  I couldn’t, but my alter ego, Giselle, would wear this boot til the heels fell off. 



Ugg ‘Classic Cardy’ $140

I saw these on a friend with a small foot and thought they were really cute and adorable. I wanted them, but quickly pictured them on my slightly larger (ok, much larger) foot, and decided to admire them from afar. She said, ‘it’s like walking around in your socks all day.’  I want to know what that feels like.’

Dior ‘Muse’ $1,100

I just had to add an ‘I wish I could afford this boot’ boot to my list, and this Dior definitely fits the bill (no pun intended).  If I was able to drop $1,100 on ANYTHING that is not required to live, it would, without question, be this bootie. Wait til I get my money right.


Indigo by Clark ‘Jordan Brooke’ $145

I like this boot with a legging or jegging. I love the stunted pump for us tall girls who may want to go on a date with a not-so-tall guy.

Nine West ‘Cropshop’ $219

Nine West has its nerve charging over $200 for some boots. It’s cute, but if I want to pay those kinds of prices, I might as well have a swanky brand name to go along with it.  I would wait until these puppies go on sale.


Lucky Brand ‘Adina’ $209

Because sometimes, you just want to be comfortable.  I adore this country western style boot. It’s perfect for a casual date or bar-hopping with the girls.  These bring out the inner “biker” in me.

G by Guess ‘Vachela’ $109

In gray, these boots give a rustic feel to an otherwise salacious boot.  Although the hard round toe makes the boot appear to be quite uncomfortable, I’d still cop these.  They’re not insanely expensive, and sometimes beauty is pain.



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