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Menoirs: A page from my Dating Diary

     Throughout my dating career (unfortunately, it has become like a job), I have met some rather interesting and amazing men.  In retrospect, there are about six that stand out in my mind, who together, would create the perfect man for me. 

     I know my friends and family may try to guess who I’m referring to as they read the following descriptions, but I would also like to know what types of men (not necessarily the ones on my list) or women have positively impacted your life, and why you’ll always remember them.

The Chef

The way to my heart, like they say about men, is through my stomach.  I am the skinniest greedy person you will probably ever know, and that’s why I’ll always remember The Chef.  I call him The Chef because he would make gourmet meals out of leftovers that I otherwise would have tossed after the second day, and when I was sick, he made savory soups, following no particular recipe other than that which his palate prescribed. With each tantalizing meal he drew nearer and dearer to me, and his culinary skills almost made me forget that he was gigolo with a child in another state that he never saw…I said ALMOST, and almost doesn’t count.

The Billion Dollar Baby

You would think someone with access to that kind of cash would be a total douche, but he wasn’t. He was actually quite the opposite. BDB could do anything, whenever, wherever and with whomever he wanted.  At times, he would call me at work on a whim and say that he wanted to fly to [insert state or country], and asked me to join him. He was restless. I would sadly decline because I had to work, and unless he was planning on putting a ring on it, I couldn’t risk losing my job going away with him every time he got the feeling. I eventually began to resent BDB because he lived a life unfettered, free from responsibility, while I nine-to-fived to survive.  I was jealous.  There, I said it.

The Sentimentalist aka “The Drake”

The Sentimentalist was the epitome of a good man.  What was most alluring about him was that he wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable out of fear of rejection like most men. He catered to me – gave me flowers just because, rubbed my tummy when it hurt, and gave me the foot rubs I so desperately needed after a long day’s work.  THIS man would do just about anything to make me happy, to make me smile, to make me feel like I was the only woman he would ever love. I just think we met before our time.

The Comedian

In theory, being that I love to laugh, The Comedian seemed to be my perfect match.  However, I realized quickly that it is possible to laugh TOO MUCH.  He was always “on.”  Needless to say, I eventually grew tired of ROTFLMAO and had to chuck up the deuces.

The Beautiful One

I think we’ve all dated a man that just does it for us, physically.  BO was grown and sexy, and no matter how many times I’d seen him, his rugged good looks kept me enthralled, and coming back for more. Although BO was far more than just eye candy, I realized there were probably other men out there with more to offer in terms of commitment.  I hated to see him go, but I knew he had to leave.

The Protector

Being with The Protector was like having my very own bat signal that I could shine in the sky, knowing he would always come swiftly to my rescue should the need ever arise.  I felt safe, loved, and adored. He never allowed anyone to disrespect me, his family or my family, and seemed invincible.  I was the damsel in distress and he was my hero. But, his protective nature caused him to smother me, instead of allowing me to spread my wings and fly.

The One

To be determined…



One thought on “Menoirs: A page from my Dating Diary

  1. i just started my menoirs today 😉 so im curious what other ladies put in theirs!! live your sum up!!

    Posted by kate | March 11, 2016, 7:51 PM

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