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The Kardashian Kool-Aid

     So, I hate to join the “I-have-an-opinion-about-Kim-Kardashian’s-undeserved-fame-train,” and I’m also not partial to kicking someone when they’re already down (just weeks after announcing her “shocking” divorce from Kris Humphries), but after hearing about how Tyler Perry fans reacted to the news that Kim Kardashian had been added to the cast of his upcoming film, “The Marriage Counselor,” I had to speak on it.

     According to several news sources, Tyler Perry fans have written angry letters to Tyler personally, vowing to boycott, not only his upcoming film, but all future films by the rags-to-riches producer, if he does not pull Kardashian from the project.  

     Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with the ability to see both sides of an issue, and usually can argue for and against one or the other. So, on one hand, I understand why Tyler Perry would stick to his guns, but on the other hand, I agree with the opinions voiced by his devoted followers.

Pro FANS:  It’s no secret. Most of Tyler Perry’s fans are Black.  His most loyal fans are Black, Christian women, 50 and up, who actually saw Cicely Tyson (a frequest cast member in Tyler’s films) on the silver screen, back when it was actually called “the silver screen.”  These women think Kim Kardashian is going to hell.  Not only that, they are extra, pro-Black.  Yes, I said extra pro-Black.  They are the type of women who pull for game show contestants because they’re Black, vote for government officials because they’re Black (or Bill Clinton because he loves Black people), and beat the Black off their kids when they get out of line. Of course they don’t want to see some “fast tail – back talking – Brother snatching – big booty – Armenian hussie” playing in a film by their beloved Christian brother, Tyler Perry. I get it.

Pro PERRY:  However, I also see why Tyler is dead set on moving forward with his plans.  Look how much publicity the film has gotten since Tyler’s decision to add Kardashian to the cast.  Media that normally wouldn’t give two cents about the latest Tyler Perry project, are all over news of the Perry-Kardashian boycott. So, whether she’s an actress or not, talented or not, annoying or not, she has numerous followers who are drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid by the gallons and sadly, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

     At this point, people will just go see the movie to witness how poorly she pulls off the role of Ava – sort of like Mariah Carey in the 2001 flop, “Glitter.”  It may not be so hard, her playing a therapist – I’m sure she’s been to a few, but educated?  Now, that could present some difficulty.  Nevertheless, casting Kardashian as a supporting actress in this film may have been Tyler’s most brilliant move to date.

     The only problem I have is that, in defending his decision, Tyler states that he chose Kardashian for the role because he couldn’t think of one person who the youth of America look up to more than Kim Kardashian. Wow, really?!  Tyler couldn’t think of any other influential woman on this earth to play the role of an Ivy League-educated therapist other than Kim Kardashian? I find that hard to believe. 

     For the record, I have nothing against Kim Kardashian.  I think she’s beautiful and even payed homage in, “Girls on Girls.”  I just hate that soft, baby voice she inherited from Paris Hilton. I guess she thinks it’s cute – it’s not.  But, I digress.  Are you buying what Kim Kardashian is selling?  Will you go see “The Marriage Counselor?”  Why or why not?


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