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RHoA Season in Review

Guilty. I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion 3-part series over the weekend, and although I lost some brain cells while doing so, I need to vent.  This will be the first and last post about RHoA, I promise!

Sheree “five figures” Whitfield: Sheree’s stock went ALL the way down when I saw her cock-eyed ex-husband. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who wouldn’t date a guy who dated a “particular” girl. It’s like when guys found out 50 Cent was dating Vivica Fox.  Gorgeous or not, they never looked at Vivica the same.  Furthermore, why is she going on TV begging for child support, but wonders why people keep clowning her financial status? If she had money, she would not be chasing that baboon around town begging for his dough whether he owes it or not.

NeNe “nose job” Leakes:  I used to enjoy Nene because she was a no nonsense kind of girl, or so I thought.  But, Nene has become a pompous ball of contradiction.  She claims not to “give a s***” about anything, or any of the women on the show, yet she always has something to say about them when the cameras aren’t rolling.  She better “give a sh**.” Right now, RHoA is her bread and butter, and pretending that it isn’t, while professing to cash “Trump checks” is silly and unnecessary.

Kim “the wig” Zolciak:  Why won’t anyone besides Nene flat out tell her she can’t SING, so she will not think Nene’s just hating, believe them, and STOP?  Who is buying her music? This country song she has coming out…?? Kim is fake from head to toe and I couldn’t care less about her silly spin-off reality show, “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding.”  I hope it flops.  She’s an unattractive, manipulative, shady golddigging chain-smoker.  Why has she still not paid Kandi what she owes her for making her sound like she CAN sing?

Cynthia “the snitch” Bailey: Total follower.  She is the worst kind of person because she really has no idea who she is.  If you’re a chameleon who changes her spots depending on the weather, I wouldn’t even trust her as a friend.

Peter is an a**, but Cynthia loves him, so yes, her sister should butt out.  However, it’s tough when your significant other doesn’t get along with your family.  Peter really should try harder, even if it means overlooking the fact that Cynthia’s family doesn’t like him, and be cordial. Why is that so difficult? You’d think Old Man River would be a little more mature about this.

Phaedra “pickles” Parks: This one has quietly become my favorite housewife. She’s quirky and odd, but it makes her interesting. Also, she is comfortable in her own skin (she isn’t sporting some ridiculous weave or wig), and capitalizes off of every opportunity available.  She is also the only one of two who is actually married.  Phaedra has become increasingly entertaining, and I can’t wait to see more of her.

Kandi “miss congeniality” Burruss: Of all the ladies, she shows the most vulnerability, and she doesn’t talk about anyone behind their back. She has a big heart and usually people with the biggest hearts experience the most hurt.  However, she is also the most successful in terms of her career, so she is getting her just due. I love her for bringing some reality to reality TV.

Marlo “ballin on someone else’s budget” Hampton: Her need to be accepted by the group contradicts the tough exterior she flaunts on camera.  Although, I do think she adds an interesting dynamic to the show.  Also, her criminal past (arrested 7 times) and alleged status as an escort makes her intriguing. I’d like to know more.

There you have it, my 30 cents about the women of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I’m glad I got that off my chest! What are your thoughts on RHoA? Do you care? Will you be watching Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding or future seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta?



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