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An Open Letter to Rihanna

It feels like every day you struggle just to breathe.  You wake up alone, you fall asleep…alone even though you’re completely surrounded, lost in a crowd.  It hurts to hear his name, to see him check into the Four Seasons, when he has left you stranded at Heartbreak Hotel.  All of these emotions I’ve felt, and all these thoughts I’ve pondered.  You are not alone.

Dear Rihanna,

After seeing pictures of you hooked up to an IV, all I could wonder is why no one has come to your rescue why no one has at least beat Chris’s a** in your honor just on GP.  Love has taken me to the depths of what you feel and almost consumed me.  One day, my heartbreak penetrated my dreams and I felt death knocking at my door, pulling my body under, convincingly telling me that this place is too loud, and peace was awaiting me if I would just let go.

It wasn’t until death was imminent that I woke up and thought, ‘what the hell is wrong with me?!’ I knew the man who had caused me such pain was HARDLY worth my tears, but then I also realized he DEFINITELY wasn’t worth my life.  It was after that day that I truly awakened, transformed and renewed, and said there’s no way I’m going to give up on life and love because of some dude.  I won’t give someone so undeserving the satisfaction.

It is often said that to die in your dreams symbolizes inner change, self-discovery and positive development within you and your own life, and I must admit when I arose, I felt more confident than ever, purposeful, fearless.

This is what must happen within you.  I know it hurts to see the person you love loving someone else, but I would venture to say that 95% of us have experienced precisely what you’re going through at some point in our lives, and it helps to know that what you’re feeling is understood, and most importantly, that such pain can be conquered.  This too shall pass.

Lastly, you are motherf***in RIHANNA!! How are you going to let some dude named Chris take away your will to live?? You are beautiful, talented and YOUNG!! There is so much more life for you to live and I for one want to see you live it, so you can look back on this moment and wonder why you ever shed a tear.  Nothing slaps someone harder in the face (not suggesting you do this) than confidence and success. Pull yourself together!! You already have success, now get up and strut.  You are motherf***in RIHANNA!!  Karaoke or whoever she is ain’t got NOTHIN on you.





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