The Year of the Lion


I love how the Chinese Zodiac characterizes each year as an animal. Without researching the implications of this, I intend to implement a similar system in characterizing my site.  This year, for 30thoughts, will be the year of the Lion. I chose the Lion for 2013 because the lion represents courage, strength and ferocity.

If you met me in real time, you’d be surprised to find that I have very conservative views, and there are certain topics that really get me going. Thus far, my posts have had a jovial and playful tone, but in real time, although I try to maintain the same temperament, I like to tackle tough issues that ruffle feathers and evoke thought and passion on both sides. I intentionally delayed discussing these sorts of topics, but this year, I intend to kick it up quite a bit as far as the intensity and sensitivity of my content is concerned.  If you enjoy a good debate about more meaningful things like law, religion, or politics then you will certainly want to make sure you are following me in some form or fashion on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

Be forewarned, I am notorious for putting my foot in my mouth and unintentionally offending others, but I always enter into discussions with humility and civility. All I ask is that you do the same.  I had avoided discussions about same-sex marriage, Christianity, the Church, racism and a host of other matters, but this year – the year of the Lion – will be different. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe and great strength to defend those beliefs especially in the face of opposition, but I have never shied away from doing so and I won’t start now. So, brace yourselves.

On a lighter note, it feels good to be able to now say that I’ve been blogging for years.  Although 2 1/2 years isn’t very long, it essentially has been years.  You will also find that I am featuring my work on other sites [sort of like when  designers create fashion lines for mega stores: Versace for H&M or Jason Wu for Target lol]. Speaking of which, a podcast that I did with Jay of Up 4 Discussion on the popular 30thoughts blog, Why Men Should Hit on Women at Church, will go live as of tomorrow.  Don’t forget to check it out.

My sincerest thanks to you all for making this possible! The year of the Lion for 30thoughts will certainly be one of change, growth and enlightenment. Follow me!




2 thoughts on “The Year of the Lion

  1. I’ve read your blog posts with great interest. I am Sun Sign Leo…good luck for the year to come. BK

    Posted by lbfromlv | January 26, 2013, 4:33 AM

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