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Why I Didn’t Bother Watching “Life Is But A Dream”

…or Beyonce’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  The reviews are in, and according to critics, both are as cursory as I thought they would be.

Bey Superbowl 2013

Beyonce is fake.  I can proclaim this without being dubbed a hater  because everyone knows (including the Lord) I used (emphasis on “used”) to be a HUGE Beyonce fan.  However, I am trying to pinpoint the exact moment when my interest and infatuation with her began to subside. Right now, the wheels are turning.

I’m pretty sure it began with her performance of “Deja Vu” at the 2006 BET Awards when she began writhing on the floor all in the name of entertainment.  Or, was it when I almost mistook Beyonce for a white woman in a L’Oreal ad where she proclaimed to be African American, Native American and French?  All I know is, by the time she got around to faking her pregnancy, she literally only had an ounce of my respect, which now has all been lost.  She is the most shallow, disingenuous entertainer in American history.  Who fakes a pregnancy? The moment I laid eyes on the picture of Bey’s stomach folding as she sat down for a live interview, I knew I would never look at her the same, and the fact that she is still maintaining that she was pregnant doesn’t help.B Fake Bump

I remember thinking, after her first interview with Oprah back in 2008, that I had learned NOTHING new about Beyonce.  It was one of the most boring, uninspired interviews I’ve ever seen.  She went through a bunch of Where do you live? How old are you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  first date-type questions. There was no real meat and potatoes to this charade interview.  So, when I heard that she was sitting down with Oprah again, I was hardly moved to watch.

Furthermore, I was certain that even though her documentary titled, Life Is But A Dream, was supposed to show a side of Beyonce “we’ve never seen before,” it would turn out to be some contrived tale of her life that would attempt to present her as a perfect, infallible, emotionally deep human being, when really, she’s the exact opposite. Without even watching it, I’m sure it failed miserably, and according to reviews, it did. The Washington Post thought the movie included nothing we didn’t already know about Bey, and called it “a hallucinatory advertisement for success and lamented its lack of linear narrative.”

Her emotional sterility is why Bey sucks as an actress. She has no soul. I took Drama in college and learned that actors must use their emotions to connect with their audience, but Beyonce just isn’t THAT deep. She was even unsuccessful in her role as a troubled singer when she portrayed Etta James in Cadillac Records, even though she is a singer who has experienced troubles of her own. How can this be?

The last straw, for me, was Beyonce’s decision to lip sync the National Anthem at the Inauguration, but to perform LIVE at the Super Bowl. Talk about not having your priorities in order. Furthermore, singing the national anthem live at a pre-Superbowl press conference did little to boost public perception or right her wrong..

Bey: We all know you CAN sing the national anthem; the problem is, you didn’t.

Don’t cry for her though.  Beyonce will ALWAYS have her beloved queens and teens to worship her, but as far as I’m concerned, she lost one.




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