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Can’t Get Right: Kim Kardashian Maternity Edition

DuJour Magazine Launch Party | Hosted by Jason Binn, Christy Turlington Burns and Bruce Weber | Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It seems ever since Kim Kardashian got pregnant, her fashion sense has taken a dive.  I heard that pregnancy can affect the senses, but dang!  Her new maternity style is making her look more pregnant than she actually is, and her attempt to wear regular clothes rather than maternity clothes makes her look like a fat girl dying to be thin.

Kim: This is why they make “maternity clothes” because women who are expecting should not attempt to simply wear regular, larger-sized clothing.  It has been said that, upon selecting Nicola Formichetti as her stylist, Kim insisted on maintaining her “curve-hugging” style.  Kim: You’re preggers! Your “curves” are vanishing at rapid speeds! Get over it and embrace your pregnancy!”

Kim’s Givenchy dress donned at last night’s Met Gala was the talk of the town today for ALL the wrong reasons. I don’t know if Givenchy should be slapped for making it, or Kim for wearing it, but this was the last straw. Why isn’t anyone telling her how ridiculous she looks?!

Check out Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Lookbook compiled by yours truly and let me know your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Can’t Get Right: Kim Kardashian Maternity Edition

  1. I chuckled at the Shamu comment.

    Posted by 1prettyorchid | May 10, 2013, 3:01 AM


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