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Travel Pet Peeves


After returning from a long vacay away, I thought it only fitting that I make you aware of my comings and goings. Soon to follow will be a blog about my experience in the South (Atlanta, GA to be exact) versus my experiences here (in So Cal) as a single lady.  But first, I must vent.

Summer is typically the busiest travel season of the year, so flights are packed and temperatures are high. To make this experience bearable for us all, please take note of these things that can make one’s travel experience not so great (because I’m certain I’m not alone), and govern yourselves accordingly.

TPP #1: People who cough or yawn without covering their mouths. In close quarters like planes and cars, it is imperative that people be OVERLY considerate. I do not want to smell your stale hungry breath.

TPP #2: Bad A** Kids.  You really get to see just how bad a parent someone is by witnessing their bratty kids acting up on a plane and taking their orders and demands with a grain of salt. Couple whiny, screaming children with a grown man who has Tourette Syndrome (this actually happened) and there you have it – the flight from hell.

TPP #3: People who unbuckle their seatbelts and jump up AS SOON AS the seatbelt light goes off. Where the HELL are you going? Me and my flight buddy got a kick out of watching a man stand for 10 minutes (because he couldn’t just sit down and wait like everyone else) IN THIS POSITION:



TPP #4: People who refuse to fasten their seatbelt as instructed. You barely know your seatbelt is buckled! Furthermore, they can tell when your seatbelt is unbuckled. What is so difficult about keeping it buckled until you are told otherwise? These are the same people who will sue the airline when they’re ejected from their seat and paralyzed due to a freak accident in the sky during which they refused to BUCKLE UP. Just hard-headed.

TPP #5: People who hog the armrests. I already got stuck sitting in the center. Can I at least get the armrests??!! Throw me a friggin bone!

TPP #6: Plane Poopers. PPs should be forced to spend the rest of the flight in the lavatory. Why on God’s green earth are you taking a dump in that cubby hole they call a bathroom? If, for whatever reason you must, why not DUMP and FLUSH?  Don’t let it simmer…DUMP and FLUSH!

TPP #7: Frequent Pee’ers. Sit in an aisle seat for crying out loud. However, if by chance you are flying Southwest and cannot choose your seat, kindly inform your neighbor that you have an overactive bladder, and that it would be in their best interest if you took the aisle seat instead. I’m sure they would happily oblige.

If you are a TPP offender, understand that your offensive behavior affects us all, and consider getting a clue.

On a good note: Shout out to our Southwest flight attendant, Patrick, who sponsored the turn up on our flight to GA! We’ll never forget you ❤

What are your travel pet peeves? Feel free to also share any flight or travel horror stories in the comment section below. Bon Voyage!



10 thoughts on “Travel Pet Peeves

  1. #5 !!!! The window seat guy has the wall or whatever to lean his WHOLE body on, and the aisle guy can stretch one of his legs out in the aisle as long as it doesn’t become a game of “let’s see how many people I can trip.” If I’m in the middle … I will straight up elbow fight someone for the armrest.

    Posted by lolosofocused | August 23, 2013, 8:31 PM
  2. I love #6! I guess on a long flight sometimes you just gotta go

    I am guilty of not wanting to wear my seat belt, even though I can’t even feel it once it’s on. I dunno, just a rebel I guess….

    As for #1, I am scared that I’m gonna catch TB or something. You never know who has what disease since we are breathing all that recycled air

    I do feel bad when I hear babies crying. They can’t help it & they can’t communicate so I do feel sorry for them. Their equilibrium is thrown off.

    What if you are in the middle or window seat & need to excuse yourself but the person on the aisle seat is asleep? What’s the polite way to wake them up?

    Oh yeah, I hate when people are boarding and shoving their luggage in the overhead compartment and they lean up against my seat bothering me. Or if their back is to me while loading luggage, I can always see their underwear since their shirt is being pulled up.

    Posted by Chocolate Vent | August 23, 2013, 9:44 PM
    • Oh no, you’re a seatbelt offender!! lol

      With the kids, I was moreso referring to small children that KNOW better. There was a big ol 5 year old girl on the plane acting a fool and screaming for half of the flight. Smh

      Fortunately, I’ve never had the sleeping aisle seat occupant scenario, but if I couldn’t hold it, I’d say excuse me, not too loud, but so they can hear me and apologize but let them know I have to tinkle.

      Yeah this guy’s butt was all in my grill and sometimes your head is at peen level. No bueno. lol

      Posted by 30thoughts | August 23, 2013, 10:10 PM
  3. Bad ass kids. Lololololol. One thing about Miriam – she is definitely gonna speak her mind, regardless of all the faux political correctness around her. I feel you though. If your kids are bad, then they are bad. Hilarious. I don’t know who is worse? Bad ass kids or plane poopers. It’s like they wait until the plane is in the air and then go to take a ish. Who does that???

    People who hog the armrest! Lmao. Dang, have we flown on the same plane or something? Lol. Interested to hear about a Cali girl’s venture to the ATL.

    Posted by Don | August 28, 2013, 8:28 PM
    • I am the anithesis of PC lol

      I think the bad ass kids annoy me more. Plane poopers are only hell for those sitting close to the lavatories (and on my last flight, I was) lol. I think with the bad kiss, there’s nothing you can do but keep mean mugging their parent(s) or heavy sighing like people do when you talk during the movie lol.

      The armrest struggle is real!! Are the seats getting narrower?? Smh

      I ❤ ATL 🙂

      Posted by 30thoughts | August 29, 2013, 12:30 AM
      • Oh I see you are in rare form comedy-wise. Lol. I kind of figured you had gotten stuck in a seat near the bathroom, but I just didn’t want to say anything. The moment I saw “Plane Poopers” listed – I knew they had gotten you. Lmao.

        Or the heavy sighing that sweeps throughout the congregation when the pastor sends the deacon out with the collection plate for the third time in two hours. Lol. God forgive me.

        Good to hear that you had a good time in Atlanta. I remember your post about dating life in California so I was interested in how you perceived the South. Atlanta was a good start. They proclaim themselves to the heart of the South, but apparently no one in Atlanta bothered to check with Houston, Texas.

        Enjoyed the humorous read.

        Posted by Don | August 29, 2013, 8:42 AM
  4. “TPP #2: Bad A** Kids. You really get to see just how bad a parent someone is by witnessing their bratty kids acting up on a plane”

    Wow, obviously you haven’t parented any kids yet. I understand you being annoyed with noisy kids; used to be bothered a bit by them too before I became a parent myself. Kids particularly those in toddlerhood display temper tantrums a lot because they are trying to establish autonomy, not because their parents are a failure. They will hike it up to the flight captain if need be, not even a USAF officer can stop them. Parenting is a dynamic, multifaceted journey, and temper tantrums alone do not define one’s skills in that area. If parenting really goes by your standards, I’m afraid every parent out there has been a bad parent one time or another.

    Posted by Filipina Explorer | September 3, 2013, 2:07 AM
    • I understand what you’re saying and a toddler might even get a pass for being unruly, but as I said in reply to someone else, if your child is acting as such at age 5, there is a problem. I don’t need to be a parent to understand that kids need discipline and when parents are inconsistent or fail to properly discipline their kids, this is the result. They lack respect for their parents and it is evident. Then after allowing the child to get away with it for years, parents want to try to “undo” or get their kids to unlearn what they’ve already been taught. It’s too late.
      But back to the topic of the article…

      Posted by 30thoughts | September 3, 2013, 5:01 AM

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