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Why I Want To Marry A Raiders Fan


This could come off as slightly offensive to Oakland Raiders fans, but it isn’t. Look deeper. Really think about what I say and why, and you will actually be flattered by my words.

I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan. I loved the 49ers before I knew anything about football – what’s not to love?  I knew there was something special about those boys in Red & Gold, and later, I would work for them and form a more substantive and permanent bond.

But, then you have the Oakland Raiders.  You must be asking yourself, why on earth would anyone want to marry a Raiders fan? And, what does being a Raiders fan have to do with marriage?


For those of you ladies with “lists” of what qualities your perfect man will possess, loyalty better be in your top 5. Most Raiders fans have been with this struggle team for decades! I suppose if you’re always losing, you wouldn’t have any bandwagoners to worry about like all those other “good” teams.  Raiders fans are “ride or die.” Even if you don’t understand it, you have to respect it.


It’s no secret that the Raiders have some of the craziest fans. They go HARD for their team. They will fight for their team. They show up and pack out stadiums with the odds rarely in their favor, but they keep coming back for more. You have to love that passion!  Imagine being married to someone you are constantly disappointing. A Raiders fan will ONLY remember the good times…like Al Bundy constantly reminiscing about that one outstanding game he played at Polk High.


Willingness to accept change is probably one of the most underrated ingredients of a successful marriage since nothing and no one stays the same…EVER.  Some will change for the better, some for the worst, but there will be change.  The willingness and ability to accept change and roll with the punches makes for a great marriage partner, and Raiders fans have had to endure their share of change over the years, from quarterbacks and coaches to players and owners.


Raiders fans are a proud people.  They are proud to be Raiders fans, and they are exceedingly proud of their team. I would love to have a husband who is still proud of me even though I constantly let him down. He will fearlessly defend my honor, and even when people talk about me like a dog, my Raiders fan will brag and boast of my accomplishments of yesteryear, and he’ll never lose hope that one day, I’ll be all that I was then and more.


Raiders fans have to be compassionate people. They understand that life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures.  Each time their team loses, a piece of them dies, as though they themselves are competing to win the NFL’s highest honor.  They rejoice in victory and mourn defeat.  I don’t know about you, but I want a compassionate partner.  It’s a rare and valuable quality specific to many Raiders fans.

And finally…


30 years is a long time to await a Superbowl victory, and 11 years is too long to have gone without a winning season. But, patience truly is a virtue in marriage and raising a family  that most Raiders fans likely possess. And so, the struggle continues…

Are you a Raiders fan? If so, why and for how long?  Do you think that many Raiders fans possess the qualities I mentioned? Any to add? Are you married to a Raiders fan?



9 thoughts on “Why I Want To Marry A Raiders Fan

  1. I cannot parse my words with this.

    This is just a post on how inferior/less valuable/attractive people (in the marriage marketplace) want other people who are usually (but not always) more valuable/superior/attractive than them to invest in a inferior product.

    So, no matter how sh-tty my partner is, infidelity, Maury Related Incidents, I am supposed to ride or die with this person.

    Raiders fans need to at least stop paying their cash to an inferior product.

    No thank you.

    My personal creed, since I am a privileged Black male born on American soil is to be LOYAL & COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE.

    So as long as my female partners are handling their business & lovers/partners/etc. I will show them the same standard of excellence.

    But wing loyal no matter how bad a person is. Nah, son.

    But I still get where you are coming from 30Thoughts

    Happy New Year.
    Great compelling title to a post.

    Posted by Adonis | January 4, 2014, 4:18 AM
  2. I enjoyed the read, I like how you took the plight of die-hard Raider fans, then added a twist of the values which cement the bond found within many long-time relationships. I kind of wished you had taken us #WHODAT fans, instead. Oakland has witnessed their pro football teams win Super Bowls. Not only that, but the Raiders cheated on Oakland (moved the franchise to Los Angeles) and won another championship in that city. New Orleans went decades upon decades without so much of a playoff appearance, yet we maintained all the qualities that you speak of. I guess when Saints finally won the Super Bowl, it was similar to the feeling a mate receives after having stayed down with a relationship throughout the years…and finally hearing those two words: “I do.”

    Posted by Don | January 5, 2014, 1:46 AM
    • Great analogy at the end @Don!! That absolutely must be what it feels like. I didn’t chose the Saints because they have experienced some recent victories and they have a pretty good team right now. But, kudos to you for sticking by your team through the good and bad times!! That’s loyalty!

      Posted by 30thoughts | January 5, 2014, 1:59 AM
  3. The insight contained herein is quite profound and funny at the same time. Nice post as usual!


    Posted by Mark | January 14, 2014, 12:34 AM

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