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A Few Good Men

In a 2010 article by Dennis Prager, “Is America Still Making Men?,” I believe the answer to many of our questions about modern male behavior are answered.  In it, Prager, single-handedly sums up the premise of several articles I have written on my site prior to reading his article, namely Real Men Lead, Men are from … Continue reading

Men are from Venus, Women are from Venus

     The classic book on female-male relationships, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, talks about the fundamental differences between men and women when it comes to relationships and life in general.  However, lately I’ve noticed that the distinctions drawn between men and women are being discouraged, and the chiming of the sexes encouraged, which I believe is largely … Continue reading

Today, 30 thought:

Basketball is like that fine chick that's exciting but she's ALWAYS around. You get bored quickly. Football is that chick that gives you just enough, but keeps you wanting more...

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