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Why Blacks are Losing in Film and Television

So, I am currently hooked on a show called Breaking Bad.  Why? Because it’s brilliant! The writing is outstanding and the premise alone is enough to pique the interest of the average viewer. For those who don’t know, the lead, played by Bryan Cranston, is a high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who decides … Continue reading

Why VH-1’s “Single Ladies” Wins

Tuesday, I finally watched an episode of VH-1’s new dramedy “Single Ladies.”  I had already heard mixed reviews, and since most of those reviews were bad, I treated viewing it the way men treat the idea of marriage – if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But, Tuesday, I happened to be home and … Continue reading

Shallow Gal

     I was thinking about some of the ridiculous reasons why the characters on Seinfeld (especially George Costanza, fictional character played by Jason Alexander) ended some of their relationships with men and women – one woman had man hands , Elaine’s boyfriend was a close talker , and another young lady was dismissed because she double-dipped a chip.  While seemingly outrageous, people like this do exist.  I’m one … Continue reading

Today, 30 thought:

Basketball is like that fine chick that's exciting but she's ALWAYS around. You get bored quickly. Football is that chick that gives you just enough, but keeps you wanting more...

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